PhD defense Thomas Huddleston. "Naturalisation in Action; How nationality laws work in practice across Europe"

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Dealing with (non-)deportability A comparative policy analysis of the post-entry migration enforcement regimes of Western European countries

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A ticket to mobility? Naturalisation and subsequent migration of refugees after obtaining asylum in the Netherlands

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Lecture at the Neimed Centre

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Summer Institute on Migration and Global Health, July 10 to 13, 2019.

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13 PhD vacancies LIMES-project Maastricht University on mobility of persons, information and commodities

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PhD researcher - Research on return migration and reintegration processes – Ghent University

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PhD Positions

Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Global Refugee Policy (Carleton University)

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RESEARCH ASSISTANT (Global Citizenship Observatory - EUI)

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Departmental Lecturer in Forced Migration, Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford

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Postdoctoral Fellowship in Global Refugee Policy at Carleton University, Ottawa

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2 Postdoctoral positions in ERC funded project on Migration and Democratic Diffusion.

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MIGNEX End-User Panel

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Consultant for Proposal Development & Dissemination Strategy

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Research on the determinants of detention in Libya

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Protection Manager

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4Mi Research Officer

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Senior Research Associates in Migration and Integration

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