2020 update (V5.00) of MACIMIDE Global Expatriate Dual Citizenship Dataset

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MACIMIDE Co-Directors Melissa Siegel and Maarten Vink on migrants in times of corona

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MACIMIDE Co-Director Melissa Siegel launches YouTube channel

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Maastricht Migration Lecture Series (postponed)

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MSc in Public Policy and Human Development with a Specialization in Migration Studies (UNU-Merit and Maastricht University)

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Online Courses in Migration Studies

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Mygration round trip from Italy to Argentina: ‘Your blood will pulse’

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Migration Management and the Migration Development Nexus (MIGNEX)

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MISTY Project: Migration, Transformation, Sustainability.

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IOM Project: Iraqi minorities in diaspora

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DRC Project: Networks-led national Diaspora dialogue in Europe

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France Médias Monde Project: Monitoring and Evaluation of

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IOM COVID-19 Analytical Snapshots

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Naturalisation in context: how nationality laws and procedures shape immigrants’ interest and ability to acquire nationality in six European countries | Comparative Migration Studies

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Migration and Health

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Three new PhD positions in international migration | Danube University Krems

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PhD vacancy: The role of EU agencies in the management and guarding of borders in the EU (UM/Law)

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Promovendus 'Under pressure, Hoe rechters omgaan met tijdsdruk in strafzaken en vreemdelingenzaken' (Radboud Universiteit, Nijmegen)

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4 Fully funded PhD candidates in Economics or Geography (f/m) - Ref: 20-09 | LISER

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PhD position - International Migration and Ethnic Relations (187782) | University of Bergen

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