Internal Kick-off Meeting: H2020 Advancing Alternative Migration Governance

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GIZ Project: Pakistani Diaspora in Germany

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WUN Project: Memorials to people who have died and to those missing during migration

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TI Project: Women’s Political Participation and Corruption

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Improving Migration Management in the Silk Routes

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MGSoG & UNU-MERIT seminar series (calendar)

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CfP: 2nd Edition of the Workshop Series on Migration, Globalization and the Knowledge Economy

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Call for papers

CfP: RGS-IBG Annual International Conference, London, 28-30 Aug 2019

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Call for papers

CfP: Migration and Poverty (University of Salzburg)

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Call for papers

CfP: Highly skilled migration, women and time geography, beyond mere human capital resource (EUGEO Conference 2019)

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Call for papers

CfP: South-South research collaboration & skill development workshop (Kathmandu)

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Call for papers

PhD Fellow: ‘Making Refugee Integration Sustainable: In Search of Durable Relations with Host Populations in Uganda’

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PhD Positions

Job vacancy: Researcher for the SSHOC Project

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Job vacancies

Job vacancy: Project Assistant for the MAGYC Project

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Job vacancies

Job vacancy: Post-Doc Researcher in International Relations for the MAGYC Project

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Job vacancies

Migration Seminar: 'Post-procedural mobility among asylum residence permit holders cohort 1995-1999'

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MGSoG/UNU-MERIT Migration Seminar

"The right to immigrate". An interview with Prof. Arjen Leerkes

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MACIMIDE Global Expatriate Dual Citizenship Dataset: 2018 update

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The link between migration and technology is not what you think

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New publications

GTD Colloquium: Agriculture as Financial Asset: Global Money and the Making of Institutional Landscapes

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GTD Colloquium