Below you can find a list of our members’ most recent publications. You can find the full list of publications through the Maastricht University’s institutional repository (PURE).

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Found 72 publications:

Driessen C. & Wagner L. B. (2023)
Meshing with Your Home: Seeking Trouble in Sharing Dwelling Spaces
In The Growing Trend of Living Small, edited by Ella Harris, Mel Nowicki, and Tim White, 1st ed., 157–70. London: Routledge.

Wagner L. B. (2022)
Visiting ‘home’: Considering diasporic practices through assemblage dynamics
Global Networks

Dubow T. & Kuschminder K. (2022)
Despite Enforced Destitution, Refused Afghan Asylum-Seekers Continue to Resist Return
Border Criminologies

Leerkes A. & Siruno L. & Swerts T. (2022)
Personal Recognition Strategies of Undocumented Migrant Domestic Workers in The Netherlands
Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies

Cebotari V. & Raturi R. (2022)
The impact of parental migration on psychological well-being of children in Ghana
Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies

Hovens D. (2022)
Breakdowns and assemblages: Including machine-actants in sociolinguistic ethnographies of blue-collar work environments
Journal of Sociolinguistics

Dubow T. & Kuschminder K. (2022)
Moral Exclusion, Dehumanisation, and Continued Resistance to Return: Experiences of Refused Afghan Asylum Seekers in the Netherlands

Anschütz S. (2022)
Extraordinary everydayness: Young people’s affective engagements with the country of origin through digital media and transnational mobility
Global Networks

Andersson L. & Diker E. & Fransen S. & Khalaf M. & Merkle O. & Röder S. (2022)
Comparative Reintegration Outcomes Between Forced and Voluntary Returns and Through a Gender Perspective
International Organisation for Migration

Akom Ankobrey G. & Mazzucato V. & Wagner L. B. (2021)
Why Are You Not Crying?
African Diaspora

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