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Citizenship and Migration in a Global perspectiveThis course focuses on the politics and practice of migration policy- making in European and selected non-European countries. It explores ‘migration policy’ in a broad sense and deals with policies relating to regular migration (immigration policy), forced migration (asylum policy) and immigrant integration (integration policy). Vink M.P.FASoS/ Master's EUS4003
Comparative Migration PolicyThis course is geared towards practitioners in the field but is also open to other types of students interested in learning more about migration studies. Over eight weeks we will explore migration entry policies for different types of migrants across different receiving countries, as well as sending policies of origin countries.Siegel M.J.MGSoG/ OnlineOCMxxx
Comparative Migration PolicyThis course explores migration entry policy for different types of migrants across different receiving countries, as well as sending policies of origin countries. A special comparative focus is made between Europe and the United States and other major migrant receiving regions regarding integration policy as well as ethnic relations.Siegel M.J.MGSoG - UNU Merit/ Master'sMGR4408
Data Collection and Analysis for Migration StudiesThis course aims to give a practical taste of what it is like to work in the area of migration studies, both collecting data and analyzing it. The course will consist of learning both quantitative and qualitative modes of data collection and analysis. Methodologies that are covered in individual workshops include: surveys, in-depth interviews, using CSPro data software, focus groups, scenario analysis, econometric issues in migration studies, etc.Siegel M.J.MGSoG - UNU Merit/ Master'sMGR4307
Development and Poverty in the 21st centuryThis course explores challenges of development and poverty in the 21st century, with a focus on current developments like urbanization and global crises. Of particular concern is that more than a billion people now live in slums, where poverty and vulnerability are highly concentrated.Pasveer B.FASoS/ Bachelor's MGD3001
European Migration Law and CitizenshipThis course will be devoted to different issues of nationality and migration law and policies. One part of the course will be devoted to comparative nationality law. The concept of European citizenship and the relevant case law will be elaborated. Another part of the course will concentrate on the developments of a European migration policy. In this context the position of third country nationals, refugees and asylum seekers will be researched and discussed from a comparative perspective.Schneider H.E.G.S.Law/ Master's (LLM) IER4001
Family law in EuropeIn this course Family Law in Europe will be treated from two perspectives. Firstly, we will discuss the influence of human rights law, notably article 8 European Convention on Human Rights, on national family law. It will be argued that human rights law sets a minimum standard for family law in Europe. Still, differences remain between the national legal systems of family law of the Member States of the European Union. These differences are coordinated by private international law. Therefore, the second perspective of this course is the rules on European private international law in family matters. The process of harmonisation and unification of private international law within the EU will be given special attention.Groot G.-R. (de)Law/ Master's (LLM) PRI4009
Global labour and uneven developmentThe course Global Margins focuses on people and places once considered ‘peripheral’ to the global economy. Thematically it explores the intersection of precarious labour, agrarian change and state power to understand the multiple ways that marginalised populations and territories come to be (re-)produced, ordered and segmented. Insecure and uncertain work is increasingly the norm across the Global South and North.Fourie E.E.FASoS/ Master's GDS4009
Globalisation and Development- Seminar and SymposiumThis course focuses on a subject related to Globalisation and Development. This year's theme 'Migration' has a present-day importance and is suitable for a more abstract and theoretical, as well as an empirical and/or historical approach.Leonards C.G.T.M.FASoS/ Bachelor's MGD3002
Globalisation and InequalityThis course introduces students to processes of globalization and inequality by critically focusing on structural issues of development. Besides an insight into the historical background of globalisation and inequality, the course aims to focus on the fields of global governance and neoliberalism, democratisation & human rights, health & women, global migration, and issues around agriculture and food.Nauta W.W. FASoS/ Bachelor's MGD3000
Globalisation and Poverty: a Connected WorldThe course explores the ways in which our world is interconnected: through commodities, economic and social interdependencies, common institutions and the global challenges and risks we face, in terms of migration, environment, climate, our food and health needs. In doing so the course focuses on the concepts of poverties, inequalities, vulnerabilities, and capabilities, from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. TNauta W.W.FASoS/ Master's GDS4001
Introduction to Migration StudiesThis course is geared towards practitioners in the field but is also open to other types of students interested in learning more about migration studies. Over eight weeks we will cover: important terms, concepts, definitions, data and flows, as well as the major theories about migration.Siegel M.J.MGSoG - UNU Merit/ OnlineOCM4408
Introduction to Migration StudiesThis course gives an introduction into the field of migration studies. It covers such topics as the actual flows and trends in migration and remittances; demography and historical developments; theories of migration from different disciplines such as economics and sociology; different types of migrants and generational issues; an introduction to comparative migration studies and an introduction to legal aspects of migration studies; an introduction to internal migration and to forced migration.Siegel M.J.MGSoG - UNU Merit/ Master'sMGR4105
Migration and DevelopmentThe goal of this course is to enlarge knowledge and insights with regard to the relation of migration and development. Great attention will be paid to hands on exercises and practical workshops.Siegel M.J.MGSoG - UNU Merit/ Master'sMMDP002
Migration and Remittance EffectsIs migration good or bad for the migrant receiving country and what effects does it have on the sending country? What about the money sent by migrants back to their home countries? Does this have only positive effects? How can we evaluation migration and development? These are some of the issues that are touched on in this class. Special attention is paid to labour market issues in the receiving country and development issues in the sending country.Siegel M.J.MGSoG - UNU Merit/ Master'sMGR4206
Migration and Remittances EffectsThis course is geared towards practitioners in the field but is also open to other types of students interested in learning more about migration studies. We will look at effects on both ends of migration and on different levels. Special attention is paid to labor market issues in the receiving country and development issues in the sending country.Siegel M.J.MGSoG - UNU Merit/ OnlineOCM4401
Migration Management and Protection The goal of this course is to familiarize students with general definitions, concepts and statistics of migration while giving them an understanding of the basic international conventions (etc) on the management and protection of migrants as well as the specific case of the Netherlands.Siegel M.J.MGSoG - UNU Merit/ Master'sMMDP001
Migration Management Diploma ProgrammeMMDP is a three month course designed for practitioners and civil servants working in the field of migration and/or asylum. MMDP is made up of three main courses: i) Migration Management and Protection, ii) Migration and Development, and iii) Migration Policy.Siegel M.J.MGSoG - UNU Merit/ Short term DiplomaMMDP
Migration Policy The goal of this course in to enlarge knowledge of and insights in to the content of the EU with regard to the external dimension of asylum and migration, with regard to the most important dialogues and the instruments for development with third countries and regions. At the same time, this course will cover the different policy options with regard to migration management and development for origin countries.Siegel M.J.MGSoG - UNU Merit/ Master'sMMDP003
Research methods in Globalisation and DevelopmentThis course introduces students to research methods most relevant for theoretical and empirical research in the field of globalization and development (for desk study, internship or fieldwork, respectively). The course offers general training for designing and conducting research using qualitative and quantitative tools. Students will also be acquainted with mixed methods approaches that integrate the two research traditions (qualitative and quantitative).Caarls K.FASoS/ Master's GDS4002
Theories and Histories of Globalisation and DevelopmentThe course addresses theories from the classics in political economy through modernization theory, dependency, neoliberalism, alternative development and human development. It addresses ongoing debates on globalisation, and the rise of Asia and emerging societies. Leonards C.G.T.M.FASoS/ Master's GDS4000
Transnational Migrant Networks and flowsThis course introduces transnationalism as a concept and an approach and presents students to the different dimensions of the concept of transnationalism and its importance for debates on migration and development. Students learn to reflect on the methodological consequences of transnational research.Mazzucato V.FASoS/ Master's GDS4003