25/04/2024 – Webinar on ‘Mapping Global Human Mobility in an Increasingly Complex World’ (Migration Policy Institute)

Mapping Global Human Mobility in an Increasingly Complex World

When: Thursday, April 25, 2024, 10:00 A.M. EDT (New York, D.C.) / 3:00 P.M. BST (London, Lisbon) / 4:00 P.M. CEST (Brussels, Geneva)
Where: MPI-IOM Webinar


  • Ugochi Daniels, Deputy Director General of Operations, International Organization for Migration (IOM)
  • Meghan Benton, Director, International Program, MPI
  • Luisa Feline Freier, Associate Professor of Political Science, Universidad del Pacifico; MPI Nonresident Fellow
  • Koko Warner, Director, Global Data Institute, IOM

Moderator: Andrew Selee, President, MPI

Human mobility has reached a new scale and complexity amid rapid transformations, ranging from changing climates and the COVID-19 pandemic to urbanization and demographic shifts. Following an unprecedented era of border closures during the pandemic, the past two years have seen a major rebound in human mobility, alongside new displacement crises, climate shocks, and the resurgence of labor migration in response to acute shortages. Global mobility flows continue to shift and diversify, featuring an increasingly complex mix of regular and irregular migration and displacement. Yet understanding the rapidly evolving nature of global mobility remains a challenge.

This webinar marks the launch of the latest Migration Policy Institute (MPI) and International Organization for Migration (IOM) research collaboration exploring the rich tapestry of human movement in a post-pandemic world. The conversation, featuring opening remarks by IOM Deputy Director General of Operations Ugochi Daniels, will showcase findings from the report, which taps into IOM data that permit diverse analysis of movements.

Speakers will highlight a mix of data-driven and human stories about the way that cross-border mobility has been spurred and disrupted in the wake of the pandemic. From a resurgence in short-term mobility in Southern Africa and labor migration to the Arabian Peninsula to diversifying flows across the Americas and an uptick in asylum seeking to Europe, the report and discussion will explore the rapidly shifting nature of today’s mobility trends and outline the role of migration policy in managing and responding to growing challenges.