Introducing the Forced Migration Research Archive

Forced Migration Research Archive (FMRA)

What is FMRA?

Who should deposit in FMRA?

  • Any forced migration author who would like to make their research papers freely available to the global research community.

Why should I deposit in FMRA? Doing so…

  • Gets your research out there!
  • Increases your discoverability & research impact
  • Demonstrates your support for open access
  • Contributes to information equity
  • Allows you to comply with your funder’s open access requirements
  • Ensures your research is preserved over the long-term

What should I deposit in FMRA?

  • During FMRA’s initial launch phase, you can upload an earlier version of your peer-reviewed journal article, published in English, French or Spanish. (View some of FMRA’s recent additions to YorkSpace here.)

How do I deposit my research in FMRA?

  • Depositing your research in FMRA involves three simple steps: Fill out a short submission form, upload a PDF version of your document, and agree to the terms of YorkSpace’s Non-Exclusive Distribution License.

Who manages FMRA?

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