Dr. Katie Kuschminder interviewed in Observant

An interview with Dr. Katie Kuschminder was published in Maastricht University’s independent newspaper Observant, on 11 March 2020 as part of a series on the dilemmas related to scientific integrity. The series is jointly run with Maastricht University’s Platform for Research Ethics and Integrity, which aims to promote a healthy academic research culture. In the interview entitled “Giving money is not done, offering help is” Dr. Kuschminder discusses her experiences in conducting scientific interviews with migrants and common dilemmas faced by researchers in this type of situation. These include ensuring that migrants understand what it means to participate in a research project (and what it does not mean); implications of signing a consent form for the migrant and the researcher; relying on others to collect data; and alternatives to paying participants in order not to jeopardise the voluntariness of participation. The complete interview is available here.