CfP: Symposium on climate change and migration (Trinity College Dublin)


School of Law, Trinity College Dublin
2 May 2024


The changing climate and environmental degradation will have a significant impact on migration trends and migrant populations into the future. The potential magnitude of the problem has been increasingly addressed in domestic and international judicial decisions, statements by international bodies, and media reports. The relationship between climate change and migration, and the broader political, economic and social contexts in which the phenomena occur, is increasingly becoming an area of robust scholarly attention. The quest to understand the how climate change and environmental degradation will affect societies going forward, including migration trends remains challenging. From a legal point of view, it raises complex questions about human rights protection, citizenship and statelessness, law of the sea, non-refoulement, and reparation, among others.

This symposium on ‘Climate Change and Migration’ aims to develop a nuanced and multidisciplinary perspective on such legal issues. Situated in a broader context of climate justice, this symposium will bring together scholars across disciplines, including law, geography, political science and sociology. The symposium invites papers from different disciplines that engage with its theme, including, but not limited to, the following topics:

  1. The interaction of climate-related factors with political, economic, social conditions, including security and health, in shaping migration trends.
  2. The rights, recognition, and protection of displaced persons.
  3. Historical approaches to the environment-migration nexus, including the relationship between colonisation, climate and migration.
  4. Just transition, labour relations, and migration.
  5. Statelessness, statehood, and citizenship.


Abstracts of no more than 500 words and a one-page CV should be submitted to  The deadline for submission of abstracts is 28 February 2024 and applicants will be informed of the selection decision by 15 March 2024. Submissions from early-career scholars are encouraged. Selected speakers will be expected to submit an extended abstract or paper (min. 3,000 words) ahead of the workshop by 18 April 2024).

The symposium is convened at Trinity College Dublin, School of Law, on Thursday, 2 May 2024 in the Neil Theatre (Long Room Hub). Please note that no funding is available for travel and accommodation costs. Any queries should be directed to Morgiane Noel at