Call for Submissions: Climate Mobility Africa Insights (policy briefs)


The Climate Mobility Africa Research Network (CMARN) is a network of researchers and policy makers brought together with common interests in displacement and migration in the context of disasters and climate change in  Africa. Through the network engagements, CMARN has developed an online publication, Climate Mobility Africa Insights, which was established to further promote the platform’s agenda. Insights publishes up-to-date research and analysis of key law and policy issues relating to climate mobility in Africa, including in fields such as climate change, migration, disaster risk reduction, refugee protection and human rights.

Climate Mobility Africa Insights is calling for submissions of new policy briefs on topics relating to the development and/or implementation of law and policy responses to climate mobility in Africa. Submissions are open to scholars, students and researchers working in/on Africa.

We welcome submissions of between 1500 to 3000 words (approximately 4-8 pages). Submissions can be written in English or French, with appropriate use of footnote citations. Detailed guidance on the expected structure and content of Insights Policy Briefs can be found on our website – Information for Authors. You are advised to review past policy briefs before submission, so as to familiarize yourself with the required structure and format.

Kindly send your submissions to: The closing date for submission is 6 March 2024. Please feel welcome to email us for further enquiries about the Insights Policy Briefs.