25/11/2015: Political Theory Seminar “Neorepublicanism, Old Imperialism, and Migration Ethics” by Matthew Hoye

Neorepublicanism, Old Imperialism, and Migration Ethics

Matthew Hoye (FASoS/Philosophy)

Migration and Citizenship Theory Seminar (MICITS) in collaboration with MACIMIDE

Abstract: Neorepublican scholarship is shifting from the realm of historical excavation and analytical philosophy to the realm of practice, sometimes with disappointing results. Neorepublican accounts of migration ethics are exemplary of these disappointments. This is unexpected, as the norm of non-domination intuitively seems to be a more powerful normative framework than the liberal and democratic alternatives. Why, then, do neorepublican critiques seem to fall flat? The problems, we argue, stem from the particular conjunction of methodological and theoretical presuppositions that presently define applied neorepublicanism… Read more on the event page.

Migration and Citizenship Theory Seminars (MICITS)