Migration and Citizenship Theory Seminars

The Migration and Citizenship Theory Seminar (MICITs) aims to bring together researchers that work on or are interested in normative theories on migration and citizenship. The thematic scope of the Seminar is broadly conceived as to include issues such as ethics of immigration, admission to citizenship, democratic boundaries, multiculturalism, social integration and social justice. While promoting the theoretical study on migration and citizenship, the seminar also encourages interdisciplinary approaches that combine normative and empirical methodologies in view of enriching current research that is often split along the normative/empirical divide. MICITS is integrated in the research network of Maastricht University (UM) and will be part of Maastricht Centre for Citizenship Migration and Development (MACIMIDE). It seeks to complement the research conducted at UM and MACIMIDE by adding a more focused agenda on theoretical aspects of migration and citizenship and by catalysing theoretical-empirical projects.

CoordinatorsCostica Dumbrava (FASoS/Political Science) and Matthew Hoye (FASoS/Philosophy)

List of Migration and Citizenship Theory Seminars