04-08/12/2023 – International Online School in Forced Migration (University of Oxford)

International Online School in Forced Migration  

Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford  

Dates: 4-8 December 2023
Location: Online!

Apply: https://www.rsc.ox.ac.uk/study/international-summer-school/apply

Places are being allocated. Closing date for applications fast approaching!

The RSC’s International Online School offers an intensive, interdisciplinary and participative approach to the study of forced migration. It enables practitioners and others to reflect critically on the forces and institutions that dominate the worlds of displaced people.

The International Online School combines Oxford’s tradition of research excellence with stimulating, discussion-based teaching, learning, and reflection. What is distinct about the Online School is that it allows participants to take part from wherever they are in the world, with no need to travel.

Course tutors are Dr Catherine Briddick (RSC, University of Oxford), Professor Matthew J Gibney (rSC, University of Oxford), and Professor Tom Scott-Smith (RSC, University of Oxford).

Confirmed speakers include: Professor Alexander Betts (RSC, University of Oxford), Professor Dawn Chatty (RSC, University of Oxford), Dr Madeline Garlick (Chief of Section, Protection Policy and Legal Advice, UNHCR), Dr Anne Irfan (UCL), Dr Maryanne Loughry AM (Boston College), and Dr Caroline Nalule (Coventry University).

From the March 2022 International Online School:

It was amazing to be in a virtual classroom with people from all over the world, all united in our efforts to deepen our understanding of working for and with refugees. I’m so happy to have had the exposure not only to the professors and tutors, but to my fellow students who are doing incredible work and expanded my own views on how to approach forced migration. – Terra Judge  

A survey of participants on the 2021 Online Schools found that 100% believed the Schools had “deepened their knowledge” of forced migration. Participants describe the Schools as “life-changing” and “a huge inspiration” that featured lectures of the “highest quality” and were “exceptionally well-organized and efficiently run”.

Full details: https://www.rsc.ox.ac.uk/study/international-summer-school/online-school-overview