Swantje Falcke presents MiLifeStatus results at press meeting in Berlin

At a recent press meeting in Berlin, MiLifeStatus researcher Swantje Falcke talked to journalists about Germany’s current citizenship policy. She also presented some first results of the ERC funded research project MiLifeStatus on the relation between naturalisation and integration.

The press meeting was organized by Mediendienst Integration, as a run up to the upcoming federal elections of the Bundestag on 24 September, during which nearly 8 million people residing in Germany are not allowed to vote as they are not German citizens. Mediendienst Integration is a platform that provides media professionals with in-depth information about migration, integration, and asylum in Germany.

Migrant Life Course and Legal Status Transition (MiLifeStatus) is a five year research project (2016-2021), led by professor Maarten P. Vink. MiLifeStatus studies the relation between migrant naturalisation and integration.

A summary of the press meeting can be found here:

The German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel wrote an article about the press meeting, as well as the Munich-based newspaper Merkur: