Below you can find a list of our members’ most recent publications. You can find the full list of publications through the Maastricht University’s institutional repository (PURE).

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Found 72 publications:

Anschütz S. & Mazzucato V. (2022)
Travel and personal growth: the value of visits to the country of origin for transnational migrant youth
Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education.

Manby B. (2022)
Statelessness statistics and IROSS: The UN Statistical Commission grapples with definitions
Critical Statelessness Studies Blog Series

De Groot G.R. (2021)
Analysis of current practices and challenges regarding the avoidance and reduction of statelessness in Europe
Council of Europe CDCJ-GT-APA (2019)3, 18 p. / (update of 558a)

Huddleston T. & Russo L. (2021)
Fostering the Political Participation of EU Non-national Citizens: The Case of Brussels
Journal of Contemporary European Research 

De Haas H. & Fransen S. (2022)
Trends and Patterns of Global Refugee Migration
Population and Development Review

Wagner L. (2021)
‘Smelling’ diasporic: bargaining interactions and the problem of politeness
Applied Linguistics Review

Dubow T. & Kuschminder K. (2021)
EU Exit Regimes in Practice: Sustainable Return and Reintegration
ADMIGOV deliverable 2.4

Wagner L. B. (2021)
‪Guarding presence: Absent owners and the labour of managing vacancy
In C. O’Callaghan & C. Di Feliciantonio (Eds.), The New Urban Ruins: Vacancy, Urban Politics and International Experiments in the Post-Crisis City. Policy Press

Labussière M. & Levels M. & Vink M. (2021)
Citizenship and education trajectories among children of immigrants: A transition-oriented sequence analysis
Advances in Life Course Research

Withaeckx S. (2021)
Ethische vragen en dilemma’s bij transnationale adoptie

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