Below you can find a list of our members’ most recent publications. You can find the full list of publications through the Maastricht University’s institutional repository (PURE).

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Brunotte U. & Mazzucato V. & Strijbosch K. (2023)
Performing return: victims, criminals or heroes? Senegalese male returnees engaging with the stigma of deportation
Gender, Place and Culture

Wagner L. (2023)
Diasporic Housing and the Valuing of Home
In Handbook on Home and Migration, edited by Paolo Boccagni, 328–37. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Cebotari V. & Desmée L. (2023)
School integration of immigrant children in Belgium
Children & Society

Wagner L. B. (2023)
Diasporic Mobilities on Vacation: Tourism of European-Moroccans at Home

Siegel M. & Siruno L. (2023)
Resilience Strategies of Filipino Irregular Migrant Domestic Workers in the Netherlands During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Population, Space and Place

Driessen C. & Wagner L. B. (2023)
Meshing with Your Home: Seeking Trouble in Sharing Dwelling Spaces
In The Growing Trend of Living Small, edited by Ella Harris, Mel Nowicki, and Tim White, 1st ed., 157–70. London: Routledge.

Wagner L. B. (2022)
Visiting ‘home’: Considering diasporic practices through assemblage dynamics
Global Networks

Dubow T. & Kuschminder K. (2022)
Despite Enforced Destitution, Refused Afghan Asylum-Seekers Continue to Resist Return
Border Criminologies

Leerkes A. & Siruno L. & Swerts T. (2022)
Personal Recognition Strategies of Undocumented Migrant Domestic Workers in The Netherlands
Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies

Cebotari V. & Raturi R. (2022)
The impact of parental migration on psychological well-being of children in Ghana
Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies

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