Below you can find a list of our members’ most recent publications. You can find the full list of publications through the Maastricht University’s institutional repository (PURE).

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Found 46 publications:

Bilgili Ö. & Warnaar H. (2021)
Financial aid, remittances and their effect on relative deprivation in Rwanda
International Migration

Dubow T. & Kuschminder K. (2021)
Family strategies in refugee journeys to Europe
Journal of Refugee Studies

Mazzucato V. & Ogden L. J. (2021)
Transnational peer relationships as social capital: Mobile migrant youth between Ghana and Germany
Journal of Youth Studies

Manby B. (2021)
The Sustainable Development Goals and ‘legal identity for all’: ‘First, do no harm’
World Development, 139

Broderick A. & Waddington L. (2020)
Chapter 6: Political Participation of Persons with Disabilities in the EU
In D. Ferri & A. Broderick (Eds.), Research Handbook on EU Disability Law, pp. 89-104

Manby B. (2020)
‘Legal Identity for All’ and Statelessness: Opportunity and Threat at the Junction of Public and Private International Law
Statelessness and Citizenship Review, 2(2), 248-271

Cleton L. (2020)
Book review: Policing Undocumented Migrants. Law, Violence and Responsibility
University of Oxford: Border Criminologies Blog

Bilgili Ö. & Fajth V. (2020)
Beyond the isolation thesis: exploring the links between residential concentration and immigrant integration in the Netherlands
Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 46(15)

Bilgili Ö. & Caarls K. & Fransen S. (2020)
Evolution of migration trajectories and transnational social networks over time: a study among sub-Saharan African migrants in Europe
Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies

Mazzucato V. & van Geel J. (2020)
Building educational resilience through transnational mobility trajectories: Young people between Ghana and The Netherlands

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