Pitch, Mix & Match Session Invitation: Migration Policy Matters


Pitch, Mix & Match Session Invitation
Date: Wednesday, 10 October 2018, 14:00-17:00
Location: Ministry of Justice and Security, Turfmarkt 147, 2511 DP Den Haag

Migration policy matters. Migration policies (might) have an impact on the direction and intensity of migration flows. However, migration policies do not always reach their intended goals. In fact, they may have little effect or even lead to adverse consequences . Considering the diverse effects of labour, family, study and humanitarian migration flows on destination countries, governments have a stake in managing the inflow of migrants. For effective, well-balanced and rights-based management of migration flows, we need to have a better understanding of migration flows and the conditions under which they develop and evolve over time.

This Pitch, Mix & Match session organised by the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security and Dutch Association for Migration Research has the objective of bringing together policy makers, civil servants and academics preoccupied with similar questions.

The session will give academics and researchers in the field of migration to pitch ongoing and soon-to-kick-off research projects on international migration to relevant actors. We believe, that researchers and policy makers can mutually profit form this encounter!

Please submit your Pitch & Mix proposal (max. 200 words) including your research project, its status and policy relevance before September 1st, 2018, to Djamila Schans (WODC) j.m.d.schans@minvenj.nl and Özge Bilgili (Utrecht University) at o.bilgili@uu.nl