Melissa Siegel has Taken Part in a Podcast on Migration and Climate Change

Melissa Siegel took part in the 15th episode of the Delmi podcast on climate adaptation, its opportunities and risks. The Delmi podcast is a podcast on migration and research published by the Migration Studies Delegation, an independent committee that initiates studies and supplies research results as a basis for future migration policy decisions and to contribute to public debate.

The new Research Overview from Delmi examines how migration and remittances affect adaptation and vulnerability in relation to climate change. Researcher François Gemenne presents his research results with a focus on strategies for climate adaptation. Mats Hårsmar, Deputy Managing Director at The Expert Group for Aid Studies (EBA), talks about Swedish development assistance from a climate perspective and his experience of working in Burkina Faso. Melissa Siegel, Professor of Migration Studies and Head of Migration Studies at the Maastricht Graduate School of Governance and UNU-MERIT, focuses on the importance of remittances for the willingness to migrate and how it is linked to development. Elisabeth Arnsdorf Haslund, UNHCR’s spokesperson for Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland and Latvia, talks about the link between climate change and forced displacement.

To listen to the podcast and to find out more click here.