Listen to the MO-TRAYL podcast on young people’s migration and mobility

The Mobility Trajectories of Young Lives (MO-TRAYL) project has produced the first season of the MO-TRAYL podcast, which provides a platform for young people of migrant background to talk about their experiences with migration and mobility. The podcast brings to life several of the main research themes of the MO-TRAYL research project.

In today’s globalized world, young people from all over world grow up with connections to more than one country. This may be because they migrated themselves or at least one of their parents did. But migration is not the end of their mobility. Young people often continue to engage in back-and-forth movements between countries. Rather than talking to adults about how this mobility impacts young people’s lives, as is often done in research on youth, the MO-TRAYL podcast gives voice to young people’s own views about their experiences of mobility by inviting them as guests on our show. In doing so, we seek to create awareness of their lived realities in ways that resonate beyond academia.

The first season of the MO-TRAYL podcast, hosted by researcher Gladys Akom Ankobrey, features the following episodes:

  • A discussion with Prof. Valentina Mazzucato about the origin of the MO-TRAYL project and podcast (introductory episode)
  • ‘Growing up between different countries’ (episode 1)
  • ‘Travelling independently to Ghana for the first time’ (episode 2)
  • ‘Relating to Ghana through media’ (episode 3)
  • ‘Ghana in the future’ (episode 4).

You can find the first season of the MO-TRAYL podcast on Spotify now.