CfP: ‘(In)Visible Russian (Anti-)War Migration’ international academic conference

‘(In)Visible Russian (Anti-)War Migration’
March 13-15th 2024 in Warsaw

There is a call for papers for the upcoming ‘(In)Visible Russian (Anti-)War Migration’ international academic conference, scheduled to take place on March 13-15th 2024 in Warsaw.

The full-scale aggression of the Russian state against Ukraine has triggered new migration, refugee, humanitarian and political crises in Europe and Asia, not only forcing Ukrainians to flee from the war, but also pushing Russians to leave their country en masse. Russian (anti-)war migrants are people of various social, religious and national backgrounds with different views and attitudes towards Putin’s regime. Their migration affects not only the host societies, but also the broader situation in Russia itself. The conference aims to provide a platform for discussion among researchers from various disciplines and academic backgrounds to approach various dimensions of the Russian (anti-)war migration and investigate responses to it on micro-, meso- and macro- levels.

This conference has evolved from the project ‘Crossing Borders, Building Walls. Towards an Ethnography of Russian War Mobilisation’, which is supported by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (BPN/GIN/2022/1/00082/DEC/1, 2023-2024). You may learn more about the project and the academic seminars we host on the following page:

You will find the full Call for Papers with detailed information about the conference and submissions in an attachment to this email. To apply, please send your abstract (maximum 300 words) and a brief biographical note (up to 200 words) to by December 1st, 2023. Applicants will be notified of the results by December 15th, 2023.