CfP: Workshop on Ethical Dilemmas in Migration & Citizenship Policies

Call for papers: 
Workshop on Ethical Dilemmas in Migration & Citizenship Policies
Deadline to submit abstracts: 31 January

Join us as the Robert Schuman Centre culminates its 30th Anniversary celebration through the Joint Sessions of Workshops

  • Date: 17-21 June 2024
  • Location: Badia Fiesolana, European University Institute
  • What: Four days of engaging discussion and impactful collaboration among scholars, policymakers and researchers.

Ethical Dilemmas in Migration and Citizenship Policies Workshop: 
This workshop critically examines conflicts between morally worthy goals in international migration and citizenship policymaking. We invite scholars from different disciplines to scrutinize the nuances of these dilemmas, exploring their characteristics, variations, and underlying causes.

Use your latest research, case studies, and technological advancements to respond to one of these workshop research themes:

  1. Why dilemmas? Under what conditions is the consideration of ethical questions through the lens of ‘dilemmas’ in migration and citizenship policy meaningful, and how might open discussion of dilemmas impact political or democratic processes?
  2. Normative evaluations of ethical policy dilemmas: What are the primary ethical dilemmas in contemporary migration and citizenship policymaking, and how should policymakers navigate conflicting pressures, such as liberalizing citizenship policy while tightening immigration policy?
  3. Empirical analysis of dilemmas in migration and citizenship policies: How do various actors on the ground, including governments, NGOs, and international organizations, perceive and address ethical policy dilemmas in migration and citizenship, and what factors explain different approaches across countries or institutional settings?
  4. Historical analyses: How have policymakers and stakeholders historically attempted to resolve perceived ethical dilemmas in migration and citizenship policy, and are there discernible trends in the conceptualization and approach to dilemmas over time?
  5. Dilemmas in the supra-national governance of migration and citizenship: What tensions and dilemmas arise in the transnational governance of international migration, especially in contexts like the EU? How do variations in national institutions intersect with common EU policymaking, and what are the core dilemmas in global governance of migration and refugee protection?

Learn more: About the Joint Sessions | Paper Guidelines