Call for Contributions: Intersectionality and Climate Justice in Eastern Africa

Call for Contributions: Intersectionality and Climate Justice in Eastern Africa

Extended Deadline: Friday 6 October 2023

Full Details:

Building on the success of our virtual workshop ‘Intersectionality and Climate Justice in Eastern Africa’, held on 9th August 2023, we are seeking contributions for an edited book that will put forth intersectional case studies, theoretical advancements, and other creative contributions to the growing field of climate justice across Eastern Africa. It aims to demonstrate the importance of an intersectional approach in which the climate crisis cannot and should not be seen in isolation from other social, political, and development issues and imperatives.

For the purposes of the book, Eastern Africa is understood broadly and submissions focused on any part of the region are welcome. We particularly welcome submissions focused on countries less represented during the workshop, including (but not limited to) Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, and South Sudan.

Book chapters should be between 4,000 and 6,000 words, inclusive of references. We also warmly welcome shorter creative entries and provocations, including creative writing and visual storytelling, and activist interventions that speak to the core themes of the book: intersectionality and climate justice. If you would like to discuss any creative submissions in advance, please contact us by email, we would love to hear your ideas.

For a more traditional book chapter, please submit an extended abstract in the form of a chapter proposal of 500-1,000 words, inclusive of references. Abstracts should clearly detail the proposed chapter’s argument, methodology, contribution, and relevant context. There is no set word length for creative entries – please submit a proposal and sample of your creative work so that we are able to make a fair assessment.

The deadline for all submissions is 6 October 2023. Selected submissions will be invited to submit a full draft chapter by 31 January 2024.

To submit your work for consideration, please send: 1) your extended abstract or creative proposal, 2) biography for each author (100-200 words each), 3) primary affiliation of each author, 4) contact details of each author. Please send these to Dr Crawford ( with the subject line: ‘INTERSECTIONALITY AND CLIMATE JUSTICE IN EASTERN AFRICA’.

The book will be edited by Dr Neil Crawford (University of Leeds), Ms Susan Nanduddu (African Centre for Trade and Development), Dr Elvin Nyukuri (University of Nairobi), and Dr Katie McQuaid (University of Leeds), with support from the GENERATE Project (UKRI) and the Centre for African Studies (LUCAS) at the University of Leeds (UK).