3/12: MITRA SC – webinar Migration Trajectories and Transnational Support Within and Beyond Europe

The Utrecht University Focus Area on Migration and Societal Change, the Dutch Association for Migration Research and the IMISCOE Standing Committee on Migrant Transnationalism (MITRA) are delighted to invite you to the webinar “Migration Trajectories and Transnational Support within and beyond Europe”. The webinar lines up the contributors to a recently published Special Issue  in the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies and will bring together new empirical analyses from diverse settings documenting the experiences of migrants residing within and beyond the boundaries of Europe.

Four main questions will be discussed. First, migration journeys are not necessarily linear and unidirectional movements from ‘origin’ to ‘destination’ countries. It is a myth that migration follows a “fixed plan”. Then how do migrants develop their journey step by step as they travel from one place to another? Second, who are the in/visible actors that play a role in (re)shaping migration trajectories and make this a dynamic process? How do these actors, including human smugglers, operate in a transnational social field? Third, what are the policy implications of taking seriously such a dynamic view on migration trajectories and the variety of actors? Fourth, what is the way forward for academic research on migration trajectories both theoretically and methodologically?

The webinar is jointly convened by Özge Bilgili (Utrecht University), Erik Snel (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and Richard Staring (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and features the contributions of Heaven Crawley (Conventry University), Katharina Jones (Coventry University), Joris Schapendonk (Radboud University Nijmegen), Matthieu Bolay (Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies), Janine Dahinden (Université de Neuchatel), Katie Kuschminder (Maastricht University), Marie Godin (University of Oxford), Giorgia Donà (University of East London) and  Ahmet Içduygu (Koç University Istanbul).

The webinar will continue with the projection of the award-winning short movie “Gifts from Babylon” and a short discussion with Emiel Martens (University of Amsterdam) as the producer.

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