20/05/2022 – Online Workshop on ‘Challenges and Priorities of migration research in the Global North and South’

This workshop is a collaboration between Maastricht University (the Netherlands), Wolaita Sodo University (Ethiopia) and Dutch Association for Migration Research (DAMR).

The objective of this 1-day Online workshop is to create a learning and networking platform for early career researchers in the Global North and Global South to discuss how they approach migration research.

Part I: The morning session will include a panel discussion on this topic with migration experts from the global North and the global South. This will be followed by a rotating networking event using breakout rooms by three thematic areas around Migration data access, Research innovation/collaboration, and Societal impact.


  • Dr. Meron Zeleke, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia
  • Dr. Rachel Bennet, Senior Lecturer, Population Health and Wellbeing, University of Gloucestershire, UK
  • Dr. Alemayehu Debebe, Vice president, Research and Community Services, Ethiopia Civil Service University, Ethiopia
  • Dr. Karlijn Haagsman, Assistant Professor, Globalization and Development, Maastricht University, the Netherlands

Part II: The Afternoon session will be a workshop on ‘How to turn your research into policy recommendations?’ In this session, participants work with a policy expert and use the findings from their last paper/publications to tease out some key policy recommendations.

  • Policy expert: Dr. Linda Ouchu, Director of Research and Data Hub at the African Migration and Development Policy Centre (AMADPOC), Kenya.

Register for this event: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScEo5jJYSNbvQ-xm264jmW2jIx08z_gQ2anBqxNSSWzL75t4g/viewform?usp=sf_link

In case of any questions, please feel free to contact Niklas Mayer: n.mayer@maastrichtuniversity.nl