19/03/2024 – Jean Monnet lecture on “Intertwining Criminal Justice and Immigration Control in the EU”

Please find below information on the second lecture in the Jean Monnet EU Migration Law and Governance Lecture series that Lilian Tsourdi organizes in the framework of a Jean Monnet Chair in cooperation with the research centers and groups MCEL, MACIMIDE, and Glaw-NET.

The second lecture taking place on Tuesday 19th March from 16:00-17:30 will feature Niovi Vavoula (Chair in Cyber Policy, University of Luxembourg), Jacob Öberg (Full Professor in European Union Law, University of Southern Denmark), Francesca Cancellaro (Lawyer at Studio Legale Gamberini; Ass. Prof. University of Bologna) and Johannes Keiler (Ass. Professor in the Criminal Law Department, Maastricht University on the theme “Intertwining Criminal Justice and Immigration Control in the EU”. You can find more information and the registration form here.