New videos on migration and transnationalism by Melissa Siegel

Several new videos on various aspects of migration and transnationalism are available on Melissa Siegel’s YouTube channel.

  • How migration affects innovation. Did you know that migration can be good for Innovation? And that migrants are often more innovative than local workers? In this explainer video we look at how migration and innovation are interlinked. We do this by specifically focusing on the effects of migration on innovation in migrant countries of origin and countries of destination.
  • South Korea: Integration Country Case Study Using MIPEX. In this series, we look specifically at how well national policies facilitate immigrant integration in a specific country. In this video we look at the favorability of immigrant integration policies in South Korea.
  • Migration and Trade: What is the Relationship between Migration and Trade? What is the relationship between migration and trade? Does migration increase trade? Do increased trade links reduce migration? These are all questions we address in this video on the relationship between migration and trade.
  • What is Transnationalism? And What are Transnational Practices? In this explainer video we will be looking at the concept of transnationalism and transnational practices. Activities and identities are no longer bound to the borders of the nation-state. Instead, activities take place and identities are formed on a “transnational” scale.