Improving Migration Management in the Silk Routes

On 04-05 December 2018, the Iraqi Government organised the second drafting workshop for a ‘Policy on Engagement with Iraqis Abroad’ in Baghdad. The purpose of the second drafting workshop was to support the Iraqi government in drafting a ‘Policy on Engagement with Iraqis Abroad’ (diaspora engagement policy) which after that would be finalised.  Prof. Melissa Siegeltravelled to Iraq to delivered presentation on all four pillars: 1) institutional and leadership development, 2) human capital support and investment, 3) financial mobilisation and investment, and 4) state stewardship. The Workshop was facilitated by the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) through the Silk Routes Facility which aims at improving migration management in the Silk Routes countries Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan in line with the Istanbul Ministerial Declaration on establishing A Silk Routes Partnership for Migration.