Workshop Ethnic Relations, Minorities and Belonging in Europe and China June 2-3, 2016, Leuven – Belgium.

Organisers: KU Leuven Gülen Chair for Intercultural Studies (GCIS) and the Research Center for Studies of Chinese Southwest’ Borderland Ethnic Minorities, Yunnan University

Workshop theme

The workshop will analyse the interaction and the interpenetration of nationality, ethnicity and identity through the problematic of transnationalism, globalization, and refugee crisis and nation-state perspectives. Participants are invited to consider the theoretical debates and issues in Europe and China with a variety of social practitioners and representatives to gain further insights of demographic, economic, philosophic, legal and socio-anthropological approaches. The increasing multidimensional issue of migration and mobility challenges existing models of belonging and citizenship models. At the centre of contemporary discourses about migrants, refugees, minorities are to be found the anxiety of belonging and sharing the same cultural-ethnic features. The ethnic categorizations are remaking national identities, citizenship models and borders. These concerns and anxieties describe the future of the citizenship and belongings. Within the new formulations of belonging, inter ethnic relations have a special form that enters in the matrix of identity, nationality, ethnicity and religion.

The purpose of this workshop is thus to asses how the increasing of diversity and mobility of people including refugees does affect the matrix of belonging and citizenship.

Participants in the workshop will explore possible answers to these questions: What are the relationships between identity, ethnicity and citizenship in a global world? What are the new patterns of ethnic identities in pluralistic societies? What is the role of ethnic relations and ethnic communities in the integration process in Europe and in China? What are the changing relations with the majority population?

We would particularly welcome papers addressing one or more of the following issues:


-Interaction between Religion and Ethnicity

– Diasporas and nations

– Ethnicity, Race and Belonging

-Belonging and Exclusion

– Governance of Diversity

– Religion and Ethnicity

Tuition Fees and Scholarships

There is no tuition fee for participants in the workshop programme. However, presenters and participants are expected to pay the costs of their flights to and from Belgium.


  1. Abstracts (300–500 words maximum) and CVs (maximum 1 page) to be received by 30th April 2016.
  2. Abstracts to be short-listed by the Editorial Board and papers invited by 3th May 2016.

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