Visiting fellows nccr on the move (Switzerland)

The National Center of Competence in Research nccr – on the move aims to enhance the understanding of contemporary phenomena related to migration and mobility in Switzerland and beyond. Connecting disciplines, the NCCR brings together research projects from the social sciences, economics and law. Managed from the University of Neuchâtel, the network comprises ten universities in Switzerland.

Short-term visiting fellowships

The nccr – on the move wishes to encourage its network members to connect with research teams abroad. We are therefore setting up short-term visiting fellowships that are available to both incoming and outgoing fellows. The grants are explicitly not a salary: instead, they are meant to cover travel, room and board expenses during the stay in Switzerland (for incoming fellows) or abroad (for outcoming fellows).

The “incoming” fellowship scheme can be used
to host senior (PostDoc) and junior (doctoral) researchers from abroad who wish to collaborate with nccr – on the move in Switzerland for a duration of two to three months. The monthly installment is based on a lump-sum amount for staying in Switzerland, which amounts to CHF 3000 per month for applicants from developed countries and CHF 3500 for applicants from developing countries. In addition, one roundtrip from the place of residence to the host university is paid. Travel related to nccr – on the move events in Switzerland is reimbursed upon presentation of receipts.

The “outgoing” fellowship scheme is aimed at nccr – on the move PostDocs and doctoral students who wish to go abroad for a maximum
of ve months. The NCCR contributes a maximum amount of CHF 10,000 towards the stay abroad, whereby the maximum monthly installment is set at CHF 3,000. In addition, the grant covers the cost of an outward and return journey to the host institution. We ask the nccr – on the move fellows seeking to go abroad for six months or more to apply for the of cial SNSF NCCR Mobility Grants, which have been created for NCCR collaborators wishing to go abroad. The Network Of ce can provide you with the documentation, further information and assistance in applying for these grants.

During the visit, both the incoming and the outgoing fellows pursue a small joint research project in collaboration with the team hosting them. Research projects can either be joint submissions, the preparation and/or realization of a workshop or a collaborative publication. In the framework of the “incoming” fellowships the academic guests shall participate in the nccr – on the move activities.

Based on the present call, a maximum of four fellowships will be awarded by the Scientific Committee of the nccr – on the move in January 2020.

There are various positions available, in function of which the eligibility criteria. See

Application deadline: 10 January 2020