Vacancy: tutors, PPLE college, University of Amsterdam. Deadline: 01/06/2016

Level of Education: academic, PHD

Salary indication: € 2.501,- max € 3.947,- on fulltime basis


In September 2014, the University of Amsterdam opened PPLE College, and interdisciplinary, research-based, English language BSc programme incorporating Politics, Psychology, Law, and Economics. PPLE College is a collaborative effort by the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, the Faculty of Economics and Business and the Faculty of Law. Together, these departments form a supervisory board chaired by the dean of the Faculty of Law.

PPLE College is the center of a newly established undergraduate degree that offers students an academic programme focused on the challenges science and society face at the intersections of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Economics and Law. PPLE students learn to analyze these complex societal and organizational challenges through the integration of theories and methods from Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics. PPLE is based on the following four principles (1) an interdisciplinary environment, (2) small-scale institute and intensive English language curriculum, (3) a research-based learning programme and (4) an inspiring international learning community. Prospective students have a strong academic background, are highly motivated and are from both the Netherlands and abroad, namely more than 30 different countries.

The programme features an integrated talent-development programme, harmonizing academic skills and real world experience, and an intensive tutoring system. PPLE hosts inspiring educators and forms a dedicated department to attract talented and ambitious students.

Job/Project Description

PPLE is looking for core tutors who have an interdisciplinary background, can teach multiple classes within the first and possibly the second and third year (in the relevant Majors), and are willing to contribute to the PPLE community, as well as be actively involved in our programme’s extracurricular activities.

PPLE College follows the UvA’s 8-8-4 schedule or ‘block’ system. In the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th block, students take two courses simultaneously. Per course they have 2×2 hours of lectures and 2×2 hours of tutorials per week. A team of tutors will be formed, directly appointed with the PPLE college, to teach these tutorials. Class sizes of the tutorials will not exceed 15 students and student attendance is mandatory. By working together, students learn how to understand and apply course material as well as sharpen their writing, critical thinking and communication skills. Tutorials therefore require the active involvement of each student. PPLE actively promotes the personal development of students and their academic competences.

In the first year, thematic courses are taught in period 1,2,4,5, the so-called ‘Academic Core’, these are flanked by research methods courses. It is desirable that tutors of the academic core courses teach more than one course to ensure the coherence of the program. A part of the group of tutors will also perform tasks in the area of student mentoring and the (skills based?) Talent Development Programme.

Appointment will be done at PPLE College within the Law Faculty, for at least one semester – and a maximum of one academic year, starting August 1 2016. The contract may be extended.

11. Requirements

  • A background in one and preferably more of the PPLE disciplines, namely Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics We currently are particularly interested in those who have a broad background in the following combination of disciplines:
    • Politics, Law and Philosophy
    • Psychology and Research Methods
  • Preferably a PhD candidate, or completed a PhD
  • Excellent English language skills (native or near-native speaker)
  • Experience in teaching in English
  • Experience in teaching in a university setting
  • Experience in student guidance, for example as a tutor or seminar instructor
  • Internationally oriented (either studied/researched abroad, or taught internationalstudents)
  • Affinity with, and interest in, excellence/honours teaching
  • Affinity with, and interest in, interdisciplinary research and/or teaching
  • Willingness to take an active part in the development of the curriculum/tutorials
  • Willingness to teach two tutorials simultaneously (parallel groups)
  • Willingness to take part in additional PPLE activities, such as the Talent DevelopmentProgramme
  • Willingness to contribute to PPLE as a community

Further Information

For further information, please contact Programme Coordinator Noah Millman,


The appointment will be part time (ranging from 11,4 up to 22,8 hours per week). Starting date is August 1 2016. The gross full-time monthly salary will be € 2.501,- to max € 3.947,- on fulltime basis, in accordance with the salary scales for Docent 4 at Dutch universities (salary scale 10). The appointment will initially be for semester. The Collective Employment Agreement (CAO) of the Dutch Universities is applicable.

Job Application

Applications should include a cover letter and CV. Applications can be directed to Programme Manager Madeleine Moret and should be submitted no later than June 1 2016 and sent to .