Vacancy: Post-doctoral researcher in the Institute of Citizenship Studies (InCite)

Position: Post-doctoral researcher in the Institute of Citizenship Studies (InCite)
Project: “Is the Integration of Muslim Migrants More Difficult? Unpacking the Differences of the Social, Economic, Civic and Political Integration of Muslim and Non-Muslim Migrants in Switzerland in Comparative Perspective.”
Summary: The position is part-time at 75% for 24 months, renewable once again at 70% for the following 24 months with a trial period of 3 months, at salary class 14 (at a maximum), starting on 1st May 2018 or as soon as possible thereafter.

This project examines the patterns of economic, social, civic and political integration of Muslim migrants and asks whether, indeed, they are different to those of non-Muslim migrants. The project will critically address the conceptualizations and operationalizations of ‘Muslimness’ and of ‘integration’ to overcome the theoretical and conceptual limitations in prior existing research on this topic. In the context of COST Action 16111 ETHMIGSURVEYDATA (, it will locate, compile, make available, post-harmonize and pool the quantitative survey data available in Switzerland and Europe that include samples of Muslim and non-Muslim migrants. The project will heavily rely on Propensity Score Matching and equivalent methods in order to address the methodological shortcomings of prior research that does not disentangle the effect of being of Muslim faith from that of other confounders linked to the migration process of Muslim migrants who live in Europe. This project will offer highly novel datasets and findings that will contribute to scientific progress in this area and that will be able to inform public and policy debates on the challenges of integrating migrants into European societies.

The appointed post-doctoral researcher will work within a research team formed by Prof. Marco Giugni, Dr Mélanie Kolbe and Prof. Laura Morales. The person hired for this position will take on a key role in the project, and will undertake the data compilation, post-harmonization, pooling and analysis of various quantitative surveys on Muslim and non-Muslim migrants available in Switzerland under the scientific direction of the main applicant and the two collaborators. Additionally, the person hired for this position will be fully integrated into the COST Action ETHMIGSURVEYDATA.

Requested profile


Ph.D. in political science or sociology or in a related discipline.

Advanced skills in survey data management and analysis with an ability to work with data in multiple formats and statistical software (e.g. R, SPSS, Stata).

Advanced statistical skills, in particular with regard to multivariate and causal analysis (e.g. instrumental variables, propensity score matching).

Experience in quantitative survey research in general and of migrant respondents in particular.

Substantive knowledge on the civic and political integration of migrants, certified by a record of publications in scholarly journals.

Proficiency in English, both written and spoken.

Deadline for submitting applications: 16 February 2018
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