Vacancy: Migration expert at KCMD

The KCMD is currently looking for a migration expert to join the team. Please see the attached vacancy and kindly help circulate widely within your network.

The successful candidate will be expected to implement the activities of the Knowledge Centre for Migration and Demography (KCMD) aiming at collecting, classifying and putting into context existing knowledge on both the EU internal dimension, i.e. economy, labour market, society, and the external dimension of migration, i.e. geopolitics, development economics.

The job holder will be asked to contribute to one or more of the above topics taking care of the following tasks:

 to update available knowledge on migration and demography topics;

 to classify available information, including contributions from KCMD actors and partners;

 to analyse, review and synthetize relevant researches;

 to make relevant knowledge easily available and usable for policy makers.

The work will require research, critical analysis and in particular editing and synthesis skills for the production of science for policy papers, technical reports and contribute to “flagship” reports. Additional tasks will include support to the activities of expert working groups and the organisation of seminars and thematic workshops.

Code: 2017-IPR-E6-FGIV-9205

Title:  Expert for the Knowledge Centre for Migration and Demography

Deadline: 13/11/2017

Here is the link to the new open call: