VACANCY: ITEM is seeking a Researcher (1fte)

ITEM is looking for a researcher who is passionate about cross-border cooperation and mobility, with a focus on the legal aspects of the cross-border labour market and education.

More specifically, the researcher will collaborate on the Fair Mobility Tool project. In this project, ITEM has been asked by the three Interregional Trade Union Councils Schelde-Kempen, Maas/Rhine and Rijn-IJssel (IVRs) to develop a Fair Mobility Tool (FMT) together with partners, which offers cross-border workers more insight into their work situation. With the tool, cross-border workers can easily check whether their work situation complies with the applicable regulations in two countries. ITEM focuses on providing the right content for the tool. In this context, the researcher will work on: monitoring and selecting relevant information on legislation, regulations and policy at the (inter)national and European level; analysing and editing text documents basic version FMT for the (digital) processing of different language versions; cooperating in updating the FMT database; and preparing publications.

Furthermore, the researcher should have affinity with (cross-border) education, and research on cross-border cooperation and exchange in education. Also, the researcher cooperates in various projects, ranging from Interreg projects to the annual ITEM Cross-Border Impact Assessment, carries out work and presents the results. In doing so, the research is not only of a legal nature, but the researcher is also expected to be able to cooperate in other types of (comparative) studies (based on interviews, literature research and document analysis).

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