Three toolkits by Dr Nora Jasmin Ragab and Eleni Diker

UNU-MERIT researchers Dr Nora Jasmin Ragab and Eleni Diker developed three toolkits to offer practical guidance to diaspora actors in three main areas: (1) Diaspora Fundraising, (2) Community Outreach and (3) Networking and Alliances Building. The study was commissioned by the Danish Refugee Council’s Diaspora Programme to UNU-MERIT/Maastricht University as part of its Diaspora Dialogue in Europe programming. The Diaspora Programme is implemented by DRC’s Civil Society Engagement Unit.

  • Ragab, Nora Jasmin & Eleni Diker, 2021, Fundraising toolkit for diaspora organizations, commissioned by Danish Refugee Council’s Diaspora Programme​. Link:  drc_diaspora_fundraising_toolkit_2021.pdf