Symposium in honour of Prof. Dr. Hans-Ulrich Jessurun d’Oliveira

Next Friday 5 October will take place a Symposium in honour of Prof. Dr. Hans-Ulrich Jessurun d’Oliveira at the occasion of his 85th birthday. The topic of the symposium will be the following: ‘European citizenship: A pie in the sky? Looking back on 25 years of experiences and challenges ahead’.

During this symposium, we want to look back together with Ulli on the developments during the past 25 years since the introduction of the concept Union Citizenship but we certainly want to address as well the challenges faced by the European Union and the concept of Union Citizenship at this very moment.


  • 13.30: Opening of the Symposium by Hildegard Schneider
  • 13.35: Panel 1: Influence of European citizenship on the autonomy of Member States in nationality matters
    Tamás Molnar: arbitrary deprivation of nationality;
    René de Groot: deprivation of nationality due to terroristic activities;
    Sergio Carrera: nationality for sale;
    Katja Swider: a rights-based approach to statelessness;
  • 14.35-14.50: Discussion
  • 14.50 -15.50: Panel 2: Global challenges: Migration, Citizenship and multiple ties
    Rainer Bauböck: multiple voting rights for multiple nationals?;
    Patrick Wautelet: nationality and the equality principle;
    Dimitry Kochenov: Intercitizenships in Europe and the World;
    Chun Luk: alternatives for nationality
  • 15.50 -16.05: Discussion
  • 16.05-16.20: Coffee break
  • 16.20-17.20 Panel 3: Challenges for European citizenship
    Bruno De Witte (chair)
    Anne Pieter van der Mei: European citizenship in the light of Brexit;
    Jeremy Bierbach: The ‘Europe route’ for EU citizens and their family members: once north to south, now east to west;
    David de Groot: Civil status and EU citizenship: current case law
  • 17.20 – 17. 45  Final Panel Discussion
    Bruno De Witte (chair);
    Marie Hélène Boulanger (to be confirmed),
    Hans-Ulrich Jessurun d’Oliveira
  • 17.45 Closing speech by René de Groot