Summer School on ‘Citizenship and Migration: Europe’s 21st century challenges’

Radboud University Nijmegen is organizing a summer school on ‘Citizenship and Migration: Europe’s 21st century challenges’ for advanced bachelor and master students.  The course is to take place between 7-11 August in Nijmegen and is designed to familiarize students with some of the most pressing issues in the field of migration law and to help them build their own perspective on how the EU should proceed in this policy field. The course will unpack the interconnected fields of EU citizenship and EU migration law and focus on understanding the differences that exist between EU citizens and migrants in relation to topics such as, the possibility to physically enter or leave the EU, the right to work or seek education, the right to family reunification and the right to be treated equally in relation to social benefits. After taking this course,  students will be able to better understand the legal issues at stake in discussions concerning, for example, the attempts of Syrian refugees to reach and enter ‘fortress’ Europe or discussions about the fundamental character of free movement of persons and attempts to redefine its meaning and implications. For more info, please visit