Summer school courses organized by Radboud University Network on Migrant Inclusion (RUNOMI)

The Radboud University Network on Migrant Inclusion (RUNOMI) organizes two summer school courses. Application deadline for both courses is 15 May 2023.

RUNOMI Summer School 2023: Digitalization and Migrant Inclusion (10 July -14 July 2023)
Digitalization is an important phenomenon when it comes to studying migrant inclusion issues. Think of the communication possibilities that strengthen cross-boundary connections, but also various digital processes that reshape how people, and especially migrants, move in between and within societies (for instance bureaucratic processes, labour market etc.). In this course, we look at digitalization and migrant inclusion from an interdisciplinary perspective. Members of the interfaculty network Radboud University Network on Migrant Inclusion (RUNOMI) will present their up-to-date research and introduce students into the breadth of this topic. On the fourth day of the summer school, participants get the opportunity to participate in the fifth edition of the RUNOMI annual conference. Participation in the conference also provides participants with the opportunity to get into contact with a wider variety of the topics studied by the RUNOMI scholars, as well as scholars whose expertise ties into the very topic of this course: digitalization. More information:

RUNOMI Summer School 2023: Migrant Inclusion Policies and Practices (10 July -14 July 2023)
This multidisciplinary course will provide you with insight into relevant issues on the topic of migrant inclusion across three domains: economic inclusion, social inclusion, and migrants’ access to public services, healthcare and housing. Through engagement with experts from a variety of disciplines, students will gain a multidisciplinary perspective on one of today’s most debated issues: migrant inclusion policies and practices. More information: