MACIMIDE research programme focuses on how cross-border mobility offers opportunities and poses challenges for individuals and their families, as well as for economies and societies at large, both in the origin and destination countries. Researchers from different disciplines collaborate to investigate the opportunities and challenges associated with migration from four analytically distinct, though related thematic perspectives.


FullSizeRenderMigration and Development

The interdisciplinary research under this theme focuses on the relation between the receiving countries (immigration) and the sending countries (emigration) and its dynamics

11-ms march 19,19 (5)Transnational Families and Youth

The research projects under this theme investigate the legal, cultural, social and economic issues that families and their members face in the context of international migration.

EU_globus-400x260Cross-border Mobility

This theme focuses on the European perspective of migration and asylum, specifically on people who live and work in border regions and the gap between applicable legal rules and the reality they are confronted with in their daily lives


Citizenship and Immigrant Integration

This theme focuses on the links between citizenship and immigrant integration by looking into the the two-way process in which newcomers and host societies work together to build cohesive community.