Report on the new screening and border procedures (New Pact on Migration and Asylum)

The Odysseus Academic Network and the think tank European Policy Centre have been collaborating in the framework of the project “What next for EU migration and asylum policies after the New Pact?”, which provides analysis and reflections on the implementation of the New Pact reforms and other related files. This project resulted in a series of dedicated closed-door roundtables with policymakers and other relevant stakeholders in spring 2024. In the next few weeks, a number of policy studies on the New Pact instruments will be published.

The first study was authored by Lilian Tsourdi, Associate Professor at the Law Faculty of Maastricht University and Deputy Coordinator of the Odysseus Academic Network. It assesses the new screening, border asylum processing, and border return procedures following the recently adopted New Pact on Migration and Asylum reform to examine possible legal challenges and shortcomings, as well as proposes forward-looking reflections for proper implementation. It can be accessed below: