Below you can find a list of our members’ most recent publications. You can find the full list of publications through the Maastricht University’s institutional repository (PURE).

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Found 70 publications:

Conceicao J. & Marcellino C. & Schmeets H. (2021)
Het vertrouwen van immigranten in de samenleving in relatie tot hun verblijfsduur
Statistics Netherlands (CBS)

Mazzucato V. & Ogden L. J. (2021)
Changing relationships to the country of origin through transnational mobility: migrant youth’s visits to Ghana

Fernández-Sánchez H. & Fouche C. & Kariwo M. & Mason A. & Mazzucato V. & Richter S. & Salami B. & Vallianatos H. (2021)
African immigrant child health: A scoping review
Journal of Migration and Health 4, 100054

Osei-Kwasi H.A. & Roosen I. & Salway S. (2021)
Transnational social networks, health, and care: a systematic narrative literature review
International Journal for Equity in Health 20, 138

Manby B. (2021)
Naturalization in African states: its past and potential future. Citizenship Studies
Citizenship Studies 

Abu M. & Adger W.N. & Boyd E. & Carr E.R. & Codjoe S.N.A. & Fabos A. & Franco Gavonel M. & Fransen S. & Jolivet D. & Safra de Campos R. & Siddiqui T. & Zickgraf C. (2021)
The migration-sustainability paradox: transformations in mobile worlds
Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, (49), pp. 98-109

Leclerc C. & Schmeets H. & Vink M. (2021)
Citizenship Acquisition and Spatial Stratification: Analysing Immigrant Residential Mobility in the Netherlands
Urban Studies

Anschütz S. & Mazzucato V. (2021)
Reconceptualizing family reunification from a youth mobilities perspective: transnational youth between Ghana and Belgium
Children’s Geographies

Sayed N. (2021)
Diaspora Engagement in Afghanistan: A Policy Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Strijbosch K. (2021)
10 manieren om migranten te ontmoeten in Dakar
NEMO Kennislink

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