Project Research Support Officer (International Organization for Migration, Bangkok, Thailand)

In short:

  • Position title: Project Research Support Officer (DTM REMAP)
  • Where: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Type of appointment: Special short-term ungraded, six months with possibility of extensive
  • Application deadline: 1 March 2020


1. Assist in writing, proof-reading, editing and formatting DTM REMAP documents and reports including but not limited to DTM dashboards, analytical and statistical reports, policy briefs, etc.

2. Assist with the development of weekly, monthly and quarterly DTM products including monthly newsletters, quarterly report compilations and any other reports or info sheets.

3. Assist with DTM REMAP data analysis for the development of national and regional DTM REMAP dashboards, policy briefs, snapshot reports and working papers.

4. Assist with providing data cleaning, data processing and analysis support to DTM REMAP country missions for reporting purposes.

5. Support the development and maintenance of the DTM REMAP portals, including writing report summaries, uploading reports and conducting quality checks on functionality and format.

6. Support in organising national and regional DTM REMAP project briefings, workshops, trainings and data seminars and working groups.

7. Assist with liaison with the DTM REMAP Academic Consortium and proofreading of research papers and policy briefs produced by the DTM REMAP Academic Consortium.

8. Provide administrative and logistical support as needed. 9. Perform such other duties as may be assigned.



• Master in Migration studies, Political or Social Science, Business Administration, International Relations, Law or a related field from an accredited academic institution.
• University degree in above subject with two years of relevant professional experience.


• Advanced English writing and communication skills;
• Experience in using data analysis and visualization programs, (e.g. PowerBI, GIS ARC, Stata, SPSS, Knowledge of R, Tableau);
• Excellent research, writing, communication and analytical skills; ability to prepare clear and concise reports;
• In-depth knowledge of econometrics is an advantage.


For this position, fluency in English is required (oral and written). Working knowledge of French and/or Spanish is an advantage.

For more information, see attachment.