Prof. dr Hildegard Schneider gives her farewell lecture

On 10 June 2022, after a symposium organised by Sarah Schoenmaekers and Pauline Melin, Prof. Schneider gave her valedictory lecture entitled “Crossing Borders: Challenges and Chance”. During this she addressed the the development of European migration law, especially through the light of the ongoing conflict in Ukrainian and the resulting displacement. She finished on a fitting maxim: do not onto others as you wouldn’t want done onto.

Her lecture was accompanied by tributes from Prof. Habibovic (UM’s Rector), Prof. Jan Smits (Dean of Law), Prof. Ellen Vos (Head of the International and European Law department) and Prof. Rianne Letschert (President of UM). All spoke to her dedication to the university, to the interdisciplinarity research institutes that she co-founded, and to training generations of students. Though, none of them forgot to pay tribute to the exceptional parties hosted by her. This was accompanied by a tribute by two former PhD supervisees – Sarah Schoenmaekers and Pauline Melin – who presented Prof. Schneider with a Liber amicorum. This was brough to an end with Prof. Rianne Letschert presenting Hildegard Schnieder with the Tans Medal, and a musical tribute from the Tuna.