Postdoctoral Researcher “Social Citizenship and Migration” (Universiteit Leiden)

The Van Vollenhoven Institute for Law, Governance and Society (VVI) seeks applicants for the position of Postdoctoral Researcher “Social Citizenship and Migration”.

Project description
Many European countries face a wide variety of challenges resulting from old and new migrations, which raise questions regarding perceived threats and opportunities transpiring from ethnic diversity, integration and social participation, racism, and the need for (re-)defining national identity, belonging, civic responsibilities and the sustainability of national social welfare regimes. These challenges test the limits of cross-national and cross-generational solidarities, addressing the very foundation of governance and society. Solutions that have been formulated range from policies and regulations for immigration, to education and stimulating social participation to restructuring the welfare state. Importantly, challenges are not only related to migrants but pertain to all social groups, who, in varying degrees, are faced with questions regarding identity, solidarity, belonging, hospitality and compassion, as well as participation in politics and society. These questions all refer to what we call social citizenship, which is not about nationalities recorded in a passport, but about feelings and practices of belonging, responsibilities and loyalties.

The overall aim of this programme is to analyze how developments in immigration and social citizenship provide and provided challenges and opportunities for the governance of societies and to inform theory and practice. Several societal and governance issues related to citizenship (e.g. housing, social conflict over ideology, moral values, exercising of rights) have become even more complex due to recent developments in immigration. These themes have been studied before, but not sufficiently in conjunction and not from multiple, integrated, perspectives.

For this postdoctoral position we invite scholars with a PhD in Law, Humanities and/or the Social Sciences to apply. We are explicitly looking for candidates that are comfortable – both theoretically and empirically – working in an interdisciplinary project and an international work environment. We are explicitly inviting candidates who are interested in looking into the ways in which the ongoing merger of crime control and migration control – also known as the process of crimmigration – has influenced, or relates to, issues related to membership and social citizenship in both the Global North and the Global South.

Key responsibilities

  • Developing and conducting socio-legal research in the domain of the research program on Social Citizenship & Migration with a specific focus on crimmigration and/or border control; 
  • Cooperating in the acquisition and management of the research program on Social Citizenship & Migration;
  • Inspiring the PhD candidates working within the aforementioned research program;
  • Teaching (guest)lectures in the VVI’s curriculum.

Selection criteria

  • Relevant master’s degree in Law, and/or Social Sciences, and/or Humanities;
  • PhD degree directly relevant in scope and empirical approach to the field of Law & Society;
  • Teaching experience; 
  • Experience or a strong and visible affinity with socio-legal research on migration and/ or border control on the national and local level in the Global North and/or the Global South;
  • Good publication record commensurate with career stage;
  • Good language skills, including an excellent command of English. Knowledge of Dutch is considered an advantage; 
  • Team player with strong proven organizational skills, and relevant networks;
  • Willingness to travel.

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Application deadline: 27 September 2019