Online Programmes: “Human Rights and Forced Displacement” and “Sustainable Development and Human Rights”

The Human Rights Centre of the United Nations-mandated University for Peace has announced calls for applications for its two flagship professional development online diploma programmes in Human Rights and Forced Displacement and Sustainable Development and Human Rights beginning on 6 March 2019 and 20 March 2019 respectively. 

The Diploma in Human Rights and Forced Migration can be obtained after completing the following five courses of six weeks each:

1. Forced Migration and Human Rights: 06 Mar – 16 Apr, 2019  

2. Trafficking in Persons: 1 May – 11 Jun, 2019  

3. Protection of Refugees: 3 Jul – 13 Aug, 2019 

4. Protection of Stateless Persons: 4 Sep – 15 Oct, 2019

5. Protection of Internally Displaced Persons: 30 Oct – 10 Dec, 2019

The Diploma in Sustainable Development and Human Rights can be obtained after completing five of the following six courses of six weeks each:

1. Development and Human Rights: 20 Mar – 30 April, 2019

2. Business, Human Rights, and Development: 15 May – 25 Jun, 2019

3. Child Rights and Development: 17 Jul – 27 Aug, 2019

4. Environment, Development, and Human Rights: 11 Sep – 22 Oct, 2019

5. Gender, Development, and Human Rights: 6 Nov – 17 Dec, 2019

6. Indigenous Peoples’ Rights and Development: 16 Jan – 26 Feb, 2019 (2020 Cycle: 15 Jan – 25 Feb, 2020)

Enrollments are accepted on a rolling basis and participants can join the programmes with any course and complete the rest as per the cycle. Each of these courses can also be taken independently as self-standing courses.

Both programmes are intended for staff members of intergovernmental, governmental and non-governmental organizations, human rights practitioners and defenders in areas covered by the courses/diplomas, professionals working in the human rights, forced displacement and development sectors, academics and others interested in the covered areas. (Post)Graduate students with specific research interests in the areas covered by the programmes are also encouraged to apply.

For applying, candidates must send their CV and a short Statement of Purpose to

Please also find attached a flyer for the diploma programmes. We will be grateful for your kind help in disseminating information about these courses to your network. For additional information, please visit or write to us at