Migration team members win grants at Maastricht University’s SBE

The month of December 2020 was a successful one for several members of the Migration Research Group. Dr. Katrin Marchand and Dr. Sonja Fransen were both awarded a grant from the School of Business and Economics (SBE) Elinor Ostrom Fund. The Fund supports female scholars in increasing diversity at Maastricht University’s SBE. Dr. Marchand will use her grant to conduct research on refugee entrepreneurship in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. Specifically, she will investigate how motivation, time of arrival and integration shape the business decision-making of refugees from Afghanistan and Syria and how this, in turn, impacts their personal development and integration. Dr. Fransen will use her grant to research the impact of COVID-19 on migrants and non-migrants living in Amsterdam. This research is an addition to the MISTY project. In addition, Dr. Katie Kuschminder won the Annual SBE Staff Excellence Award for the best effort in the field of research despite the COVID-19 situation with the aims and spearheads of the SDDG (Sustainable Development, Digitalisation and Globalisation) challenge in mind.