Migrants in the City: New Dynamics of Migration in Urban Settings An interdisciplinary and international conference,  Sheffield, 12th &13th October 2015

Rapid urbanisation is radically changing the economic, financial, social, and ecological landscape of our planet. It has been identified as the single greatest development challenge and opportunity for the 21st century. International migration has been, is and will continue to be a key route both shaping and being shaped by urbanisation.

As the UN-Habitat Manifesto for Cities notes, the world has entered an urban era where cities have taken centre stage, inevitably shaping the social and spatial structures and trajectories of cities. The international conference Migrants in the City will provide a forum for the examination of key questions related to contemporary international migration in the context of urban development, residential segregation and diversity. The conference is designed to be global in focus. Contributions are welcomed that reflect on the causes and consequences of all forms of international migration (for example, for employment, for family reasons, to seek refuge, to study) in urban settings, but that also explore intersections between migration, urban development and key related issues, including:

  • effects of economic restructuring;
  • rising income inequality within and between host/destination countries;
  • the growth of megacities and the implications for segregation and migration;
  • settlement patterns, diversity, and spatial persistence;
  • development and wellbeing implications of migration and segregation;
  • effects of climate and environmental change;
  • gender and family life of migrant communities and issues of identity;
  • the meaning and practice of security;
  • migration and urban governance;
  • methodological challenges/innovations for migration and segregation
  • research.

Migration research at The University of Sheffield

Migrants in the city’ international conference is a collaboration between The Sheffield Methods Institute, Faculty of Social Science Migration Research Group and the ESRC Applied Quantitative Methods Network.

Confirmed plenary speakers

  • Rt Hon Charles Clarke, former British Home Secretary
  • Audrey Singer, Brookings Institution, Washington DC
  • Madeleine Sumption, Oxford Migation Observatory
  • Ronald Van Kempen, University of Utrecht
  • Gill Valentine, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Faculty of Social Sciences at The University of Sheffield
  • Janet Sharpe, Director of Housing & Neighbourhoods at Sheffield City Council

Proposing a panel, paper or poster

We are currently calling for submissions of abstracts, panel session and poster proposals. Full details of the submission requirements can be downloaded on the right. All proposals and papers should be sent to migrantsconference@sheffield.ac.uk by Friday 29th May.

The conference programme will be finalised in June and particpants will be notified shortly after.