Melissa Siegel makes a new Migration Series on Senegal

Prof. Siegel looks at the migration history, policy and current situation of Senegal. Her first video looks at the history, starting from before European colonisation and then the effects of colonisation on migration history. This included both the impacts of Dakar Port and the construction of train lines connecting Dakar with other major hubs, as well as migration from France and Lebanon. In her second video in the series Melissa looks at the institutional framework in which policy for both immigration and diaspora engagement is developed and implemented. Prof. Seigel went on to look at the visa procedure and the ability of migrants to enter the labour market. In the final video in the series Prof. Siegel looks at the current situation focusing on the stock and flows of migrants in Senegal. Melissa Siegel goes onto lock at irregular migration indicators, internal migration and forced migration. To watch the series click here.