Master’s Programmes

Master in Globalisation and Development (MA)

The one-year programme taught in English at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences focuses on how globalisation dynamics affect developing areas. The courses provide a sound basis in theory, issues and methods pertaining to globalisation and development while offering elective courses in contemporary globalisation issues of relevance for developing countries. The programme focuses on issues of inequality, poverty, and vulnerability as well as possibilities for transformation and emancipation offered by new global actors such as emerging economies, migrant diasporas and transnational activist groups.

 Master in Public Policy and Human Development (MSc)

This joint Master is offered by the Maastricht Graduate School of Governance together with UNU Merit. It is a one-year programme taught in English. Students study the connection between public policy and decision-making processes and are equipped with a variety of skills, tools and knowledge that enable them to work as policy designers and policy analysts. The programme consists of two semesters: the first semester is common for all students and focuses on the theories and practice of governance and policy analysis. During the second semester, students choose between six specialisations:

  • Social Policy Design & Financing
  • Migration Studies
  • Sustainable Development
  • Globalisation, Trade & Development
  • Health & Development

Master in European Studies (MA)

This one-year Master at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences taught in English focuses on the international dimensions of policy, governance and administration. The programme looks beyond the institutions of the European Union and the mechanics of European integration to examine global developments and multi-level governance in a broader context. It follows an interdisciplinary approach, combining political science, history, international relations, economics and cultural studies. The focus is on the underlying issues of power and influence, governance and culture. Students can choose between three tracks:

Master in European Law (LLM)

The one-year Master in European Law is taught in English as is in-depth study of European and comparative law along with traditional legal subjects. The programme also focuses on major national legal systems. It is divided into three periods and allows for maximum flexibility, with just one compulsory course per period. Students are allowed to develop an academic profile specific to their needs and future career plans.

Advanced Master in Euro-Asian Law and Business Studies

The interdisciplinary Master’s programme in Euro-Asian Law and Business Studies, organised by Maastricht University’s Faculties of Law, Business and Social Sciences, aims to prepare graduates for an interface position in the increasingly important business flows between Europe and Asia. You will learn from resident and non-resident experts coming from academia, private legal and business practice, the judiciary and dispute resolution systems, international and European organisations. The Euro-Asian Law and Business Studies Master programme is taught in English, and is offered as a one-year full-time programme or a two-year part time programme. For professionals working in the field, it is also possible to enrol in single courses.

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