MACIMIDE report: Time to Rethink Migration & Redefine Transnationalism?

By Dr. Özge Bilgili and Veronika Fajth.

In today’s world, international migration not only affects those who are on the move but the vast majority of the global population. In this new era of hyper-connectedness, many of our actions have transnational ramifications, reaching many other people across the world. But the question is: how exactly should we define transnational?

For some, engaging in activities that cross borders is a central part of their lives. These individuals’ lives cannot be understood in a holistic manner without taking account of their social, economic and political engagements in multiple contexts. These experiences have been studied through a transnational lens since the early 1990s, and from October 19-21, UNU-MERIT’s Graduate School of Governance (MGSoG) hosted the ‘New Perspectives on Transnational Living’ Symposium and PhD course to reflect on the research of the past couple of decades.

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