CfP: MACIMIDE Annual Work Conference 2022

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Call for papers

Melissa Siegel has Taken Part in a Podcast on Migration and Climate Change

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10/06/2022 - Farewell Lecture of Prof. dr Hildegard Schneider

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CfP: IRiS International Conference on "Looking back to look forward: Research on migration, diversity and forced displacement in times of rapid change"

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02/06/2022 – PhD defence of Gladys Akom Ankobrey on the Mobility Trajectories and Transnational Engagements of young Dutch-Ghanaians

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PhD Defence

Prof. Siegel's latest video looks at the OECD Talent attractiveness tool

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Melissa Siegel has taken part in a podcast on the European Response to Ukrainian Displacement

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30/05/2022 – PhD defence of Sarah Anschütz on the impact of mobility on the lives of transnational migrant youth

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PhD Defence

01/06/2022 - Laura Ogden's PhD defence - Transnational Youth Mobility Trajectories

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PhD Defence

Vacancies: 2 PhD’s on Migration and Human Rights Law

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Job vacancies

Vacancies: 4 PhD’s and 3 Postdocs in the NWA project ‘Dilemmas of doing Diversity’ (DIDI)

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Job vacancies, PhD Positions

18/05/2022 - GTD Colloquium- Refugees and Migrants (In)Visibility: The Case of the Balkans

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GTD Colloquium

18/05/2022 - UNU-MERIT/MGSoG Seminar - The displacement continuum: the relationship between internal displacement and cross-border movement

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MGSoG/UNU-MERIT Migration Seminar

Journal of Refugee Studies Reviews Co-Editor

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Job vacancies

20/05/2022 - Online Workshop on 'Challenges and Priorities of migration research in the Global North and South’

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20/05 - 24/06/2022 - DeZIM Lecture Series on Transnational Families

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Latest video by Melissa Siegel: Ukraine Update 2

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Melissa Siegel has published a new video Labour Migration: A Global Overview

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Making ‘The Process’: Sexual Vulnerability and Burundian Refugee Boys and Young Men’ Strategies for Onward Migration from Nakivale Refugee Settlement in Uganda

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New publications

04/05/2022 - Critical Approaches to the Food-Climate-Migration Nexus: a Roundtable Discussion

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Announcements, Seminar