New Migration Snapshot on Slovakia by Prof. Melissa Siegel

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New video by Melissa Siegel on the support for those that assisted foreign governments in Afganistan

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Citizenship and education trajectories among children of immigrants: A transition-oriented sequence analysis

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Ethische vragen en dilemma’s bij transnationale adoptie

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Will the Taliban's Takeover Lead to a New Refugee Crisis in Afghanistan

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Sonja Fransen has received a Comprehensive Innovation grant from UNU-MERIT

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13/10/2021 - EU Enlargement and (Temporary) Migration: Effects on Labour Market Outcomes in Germany

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14/09/2021 - Roundtable discussion on ‘Migration Futures and Transnational Scholarship’

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Vacancy: Post-doc Position in Sociology with a focus on quantitative methods

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Job vacancies

29/09/2021 - MGSoG/UNU-MERIT Seminar on 'Reducing Mistreatment of Migrant Domestic Workers'

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MGSoG/UNU-MERIT Migration Seminar

Why we should use the term irregular migration: new video by Melissa Siegel

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Migration Snapshots on Belgium and France

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Prof. Melissa Siegel has published a wide range of olympic migration content

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01/09/2021 - GPAC2 Webinar

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06/09/2021 - ERCOMER Guest Seminar

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Vertrouwen van migranten in medemens en instituties

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Het vertrouwen van immigranten in de samenleving in relatie tot hun verblijfsduur

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22/09/2021 - First GTD Colloquium of the Academic Year

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GTD Colloquium

Vacancy: Project Lead – Migration & Displacement Pillar

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Job vacancies

Vacancy: Research Manager – Migration & Displacement Pillar

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Job vacancies