New video by Prof. Siegel on Understanding Citizenship/Naturalisation Around the World

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New Migration Snapshot: Hungary

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03/02/2022 - Preventing Statelessness among Foundlings/Children of Unknown Parents

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Analysis of current practices and challenges regarding the avoidance and reduction of statelessness in Europe

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Prof. dr Rene de Groot has recently given a collection of presentations on nationality law

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Fostering the Political Participation of EU Non-national Citizens: The Case of Brussels

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27/01/2022 - Book presentation: 'Visual Methodology in Migration Studies. New Possibilities, Theoretical Implications, and Ethical Questions'

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CfP: “Measuring Migration: Why? When? How?” hosted on June 9-10, 2022

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Call for papers

09/02/2022 - GTD Colloquium: Laeticia Cesarino

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GTD Colloquium

CfP: Forum for Global Challenges

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Call for papers

Vacancy: DeZIM Institut Research Fellow

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Trends and Patterns of Global Refugee Migration

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In God we trust: Religious beliefs and sensemaking of Filipino undocumented migrants in the Netherlands

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12/01/2021 - GTD Colloquium on Labour Dynamics in the Mining Industry

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GTD Colloquium

26/01/2021 - MGSoG/UNU-MERIT Migration Seminar on "Reducing Mistreatment of Migrant Domestic Workers"

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MGSoG/UNU-MERIT Migration Seminar

On International Migrants Day, UNU-MERIT joined the Dutch UN Association to ask: Can we govern migration better?

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New Video by Melissa Siegel on Additional Migration Data

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New Migration Snapshot on Finland

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Migration Snapshot on Poland

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Vacancy: University of Edinburgh –University of Leiden Joint Funded PhD Studentship Religion and Mobility in the African City

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