MACIMIDE welcomes new junior visiting research fellow

Samuel David Schmid is a PhD researcher at the Department of Political and Social Sciences at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. Supervised by Rainer Bauböck and Maarten Vink, he comparatively investigates the relationship between the openness of borders and the inclusiveness of citizenship.

During his junior fellowship at MACIMIDE in February and March 2018, Sam will work intensively with his co-supervisor Maarten Vink. The aim is to write and present two papers that form the core of the quantitative part of Sam’s thesis. In addition, he will use the opportunity to speak to experts about the politics of immigration and citizenship in Germany, as Germany will be one of his case studies.

Sam will present his paper entitled ‘Open borders versus inclusive citizenship? The dynamic and context-dependent politics of linking immigration and citizenship policies’ in the MACIMIDE/MiLifeStatus seminar on February 28. As Sam’s other research interests also cover immigrant integration outcomes and democratic inclusion, engaging with MiLifeStatus and MACIMIDE will help Sam learn more about the micro-level perspective in migration and citizenship studies.

Learn more about Sam’s work on his website: