MACIMIDE Global Expatriate Dual Citizenship Dataset: 2018 update

An updated version of the MACIMIDE Global Expatriate Dual Citizenship Dataset has been published, extending the dataset to 2018. The MACIMIDE Global Expatriate Dual Citizenship Dataset charts the rules that existed in near all states of the world since 1960 with regard to the loss or renunciation of citizenship after a citizen of a respective state voluntarily acquires the citizenship of another state.

In 1960 the majority of countries across the world maintained the first type of rule where the voluntary citizenship of another country implied the automatic loss of the citizenship of origin. This represented the traditional negative approach towards dual citizenship. By 2018, however, three-quarters of all states maintain a tolerant approach towards dual citizenship and allow citizens to voluntarily acquire the citizenship of another country, without automatic repercussions for the citizenship of origin. Most of these states, though not all, allow citizens to voluntarily renounce their citizenship after they have acquired another citizenship. While the trend is broadly similar in direction across world regions, dual citizenship acceptance has progressed faster in the Americas and Oceania and slower in Africa and Asia. Acceptance in Europe follows the global trend.

The MACIMIDE dual citizenship dataset is widely used by scholars interested in trends, causes and consequences of dual citizenship regulations around the world. The dataset was also used in the The Global State of Democracy 2017, published by the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA).

The MACIMIDE Global Expatriate Dual Citizenship Dataset has been compiled by Maarten Vink, Gerard-René de Groot and Chun Luk of the Maastricht Center for Citizenship, Migration and Development, at Maastricht University. Research assistance has been provided by students of the Honours Programme at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences as well as by the ERC-funded project Migrant Life Course and Legal Status Transitions (grant agreement No 682626).

More information about the dataset can be found on the website of the Maastricht Center for Citizenship, Migration and Development.

The latest version of the dataset, previous versions and a detailed codebook, are available through the Harvard Dataverse Network.


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